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I'm thirty years old. I'm from maine moved to Florida last year.
I also have a growing mature fetish!!
That Just means that I prefer older woman. And its true. I love to have sex with a perfectly aged woman. Like a fine wine with a steak! And Mostly they love having a young stallion around. Even without me giving them the love stick .but I very much enjoy the sex! Ots always amazing. If this is not your style That's fine keep a move on.
But don't think of me as the bad guy or a scumbag. Im not. Humans need sex. And we enjoy is a lot. Look at is more as us both doing each other a beautiful pleasure favor. to the ones that may be interested, Bring that sexy ass right over to me and I'll take care of you the right way. Good food and, great dick! Oh, And I absolutely love to eat pussy! Pretty much my favorite thing in the whole world! I would do it all day everyday if u didn't have to work. Not joking i really love it and enjoy it a lot. I love pleasing people with pleasure!
Any questions? feel free to ask! Im an open book! But, If you are over fifty and only looking for a hook up!
And you want to just get dicked real good by a young strong man, with a nice sized magic stick. that knows how and when to use it. Than I for sure, am the man for you! So let me know! tell me! don't be shy you know you want it! Speak up !! Its worth it don't be scared!

What I am looking for

I'm looking for attractive mature women. Between the age of 40 and 65 that are not looking for anything serious. I'm only looking for a mutual agreement for sexual release.
Be honest you know you need that pure, beautiful lovely release! That i can give you. More than one.

Hook ups. FWB , FB one night stands. Whatever you want to call it.
But That's NOT what this is.
Yes it is true that I'm Not looking for any type of relationship. True.
But life long friendships can be made together thru the trusting process of simultaneous sexual release. So honestly this is just a means to a end. You might be sexually frustrated and need to use me and my magic stick for a release! Im here for you! and im doing the same thing on my end I also need a release and I need people in places for that to happen as well. So lets just help out each other and have a little fun too.
So if you are a attractive women over the age of 40ish and are strictly just looking for secret discreet sex
No string attached (NSA) strictly for both our pleasure. And be there to help each other through process of human sexual release.
So if That's what you need today or tomorrow, or next week next month. Than I'm absolutely the man for you! So don't be scared, I'll be gentle, If gentle is what you want! lol.
Come to me!! I'll take care of you! In more ways than one!
#Trust #AgedisSexy